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Micro-rings Nano-rings Fusion bonds Tape Invisiable weave Braidless weave/LA Weave (Medium range celebrity Double Drawn Indian Remy) (Lifespan 12 months) 16 inches from --------- £270 (120g of hair)   16 inches from £270(120g of hair) 18 inches from £290(120g of hair) 20 inches from £310(120g of hair) 22 inches from £350 (120g of hair) 24 inches from [...]

Mesh Integration Hair Extensions system provides a solution for clients who may not necessarily be suitable for Hair Extensions. These systems are a great solution for women suffering from hair loss, thinning hair, pattern baldness, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, or who is after chemotherapy. The system is built from a breathable mesh that is applied and shaped […]


LENGTH              HALF HEAD              FULL HEAD 18″                         £180                            £200 22″                      […]

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